Guida al bilancio e reddito d’impresa

(Guide to a company budget and income)

Ipsoa Editore – Gruppo Wolters Kluwer

The text speaks to a company’s administrative director. Beginning with the preparation of financial statements, it deals with the statutory, fiscal and bookkeping aspects of the various budgetary entries and the determination of the company’s income.


(Company assessment)

Ipsoa Editore – Gruppo Wolters Kluwer

In the first editions of this text, the Studio covered the predisposition of the Cd-Rom attached to the text containing an excel model which allows the determination of the value of the economic capital of a company through diverse appraisal criteria.

ITALIA OGGI – Gestire la crisi

(ITALIA OGGI – Managing the crisis)

The text focuses on company crises and was developed with other authors. The Studio developed the part relating to the development and utilization of the business plan as an indispensable instrument for the prevention of a crisis situation.

Over a hundred articles and essays on the subject of company management, financial analysis and company assessment in authoratitive specialized italian journals.

Amministrazione & Finanza
Corporate planning and control magazine
Ipsoa Editore – Gruppo Wolters Kluwer

Amministrazione & Finanza – I CORSI
Corporate planning and management magazine
Ipsoa Editore – Gruppo Wolters Kluwer

Largo Consumo
Marketing and financial magazine