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The Studio Simone operates for more than fifteen years in the area of business consultation to companies and individuals, with particular attention to matters inherent to developing financial- strategic business plans and the evaluation of company equity.
Beyond the strong specialization in the area of business consultation, the Studio provides its clients also with a series of services of a tax accounting nature which are necessary to the company or the individual client for the everyday compliance with specific legal requirements.
Moreover, through the years, the Studio has created an area of tax consultation designed exclusively for the private taxpayer.
In each of the activities in which it is involved, the Studio collaborates with a team of specialized professionals of proven experience.
  • Valutazioni d’azienda e marchi aziendali
  • Valutazioni del marchio finalizzate alla rivalutazione ex art. 110 del D.L. 104/2020
  • Predisposizione perizie finalizzate alla rideterminazione del valore di acquisto partecipazioni
  • Predisposizione perizie ex art. 2465 del Codice Civile
  • Attestazioni di piani ex art. 2501-bis e 2501-sexies del Codice Civile
  • C.T.U. e Consulenza tecniche di parte (C.T.P.)
  • Redazioni di analisi economico-finanziarie a livello storico
  • Redazione di business plan e piani economico-finanziari
  • Redazione di analisi della concorrenza e dei competitors
  • Predisposizione di due diligence finanziarie in operazioni di finanza straordinaria

Massimo Simone

Owner and founder of the Studio, he is a member of the Bar of Certified Public Accountants and Expert Accountants of Milan (Albo dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili di Milano) since 1996. Specialized in financial analysis and company appraisal, he has collaborated for years with important firms operating in the M&A sector and, since November 1998, is the owner of the Studio in Milan. Legal reviser and member of the Financial and Management Control Commission (Commisione Finanza e Controllo di Gestione) for the Bar of Certified Public Accountants and Expert Accountants of Milano, he is the author of numerous publications and treatises on the subject of business finance and management problems.

Based on its solid, specialized capabilities and the resources at its disposal, the Studio is a dependable partner for companies or for the individual businessman, through the aid of instruments for economic-financial analysis and for particularly flexible planning strategy.

In the explanation of its services the Studio operates with the maximum confidentiality and is able to respond to the demands of its clients quickly and creatively, proposing the most innovative and functional solutions.

The Studio is also very active in the area of publishing. It has collaborated for years with authoritative journals specializing in the finance area and has participated in the publication of manuals and treatises on economic-financial analysis and company appraisal.

Massimo Simone nel suo studio di Milano

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“True consultancy occurs only when the real requests and demands of the client are completely satisfield.
Total client satisfaction and gratification represent the solid and indissoluble points of reference for the Studio in its pursuit of a policy of quality”.

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